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Who do you want as your Attorney? The Master or the student? Patrick Silva has 18 years of DUI experience, he has been published in DUI reference books, he has spoken in front of 100's of attorneys at conferences, taught classes to Lawyers on his secrets and strategies, and has a nationally listened to podcast dedicated to teaching other DUI Lawyers How To Win.

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Q:  I was arrested twice for DUI Drug, but neither time did the arresting officer taken my drivers license. And then i received my Suspension/revocation Order in the mail with only one day left to schedule my hearing. What should my next step be and will i get in trouble for still having my license?

A:  Schedule the hearing and retain an experienced DUI attorney. Admin per se suspension doesn't apply to DUI drugs. That's why the officer didn't take your license. If you're received suspension paperwork prior to a plea or conviction, there may have been a mistake somewhere along the way. It may be possible that the suspension is for a different reason than admin per se...negligent operator for having too many points maybe?